Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Suns Out Buns Out: Summer Necessities

It’s official. Summertime has officially landed, which means that it is time to revamp with beach & festival ready essentials! From heat protecting shades to memory saving tools, amazing looks can be achieved to fit your every need. Here are some stylish additions that you couldn’t dare to live without this season:

These trendy sunglasses add an appealing touch for any face shape while shielding away the sun’s rays.The more unexpected the frames the better.

A summertime look isn’t complete without a floral head crown. Incorporate with some crochet lace pieces for an adorable festival vibe.

Create a fun summer statement with these not so basic bralettes. They add a comfy and stylish touch for any layered pairing.

Brighten up your overall appearance with a pop of coral. This summer appropriate shade adds the right amount of warmth for a fresh and dewy look.

Polaroid Camera:

Via Polaroid.com 

Relive the memories in a flash with this instant Polaroid camera. This pocket device is a total must-have for festivals and outdoor events with family and friends.

Tell us! What is your summer must have?

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