Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DIY Costume Ideas

 October is finally here which means it's time to hurry and think of a good costume ideas. With the help of social media sites such as YoutubeInstagramPinterest,and Tumblr we are able to find a variety of ways to create looks for Halloween! Whether you go for the scary, frightening look or for the cute, sexy look all it takes is just a few minutes out of your day to create some of these do-it-yourself Halloween costumes we found. Plus it's budget friendly, win!

1. Cute Morton Salt Girl


What you need: umbrella, yellow dress, white stockings and yellow shoes.

Check out these cute options we have at UrbanOG for your Morton's Salt Girl costume! Click on each picture to bring you to other styles

2. Bloody Zombie

Looking for a more morbid look this Halloween? Why not a homemade sexy, zombie costume! It's drink spill-proof too! 

What you need: A lot of saran wrap, fake blood, and a sense of humor.

3. A Family of Grapes

Who doesn't love a family of grapes? Enjoy the Halloween party festivities with this cool costume!
What you need: solid color outfit (preferably black so the balloons stand out),  colored balloons in either purple or green, and tape! You're set to be the life of the party!

Check out some more awesome DIY costumes we found on YouTube and let us know what your fave costume ideas are! Share with us in the comment section below! Check out our ready-to-wear UrbanOG costumes here!

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