Saturday, July 2, 2016

Vacation State of Mind

Summer is here and the doctor has prescribed us a dose of a vacation for these cool blue water visions we have been having! It is the perfect cure for these paradise daydreams, all while getting a summer glow. Because who wouldn’t rather be on a beach under palm trees and drinking some coconut water than melting away in the heat? Yes, our summer goals are to be on vaycay somewhere tropical, but let’s admit it’s much easier to write about it then to actually hop on a plane and go! Well, even if we aren’t going on a paradise getaway this summer, we can sure dress the part!

Sometimes we just want to dress like we are feeling refreshed and sometimes we have Hawaiian theme parties to attend. It’s a good thing we have a selection of our trendy apparel items to meet your #ootd needs! Check out our Tropical & Prints section, instead of trying to find your Hawaiian dress your aunt bought you when she went to Hawaii! We have made it a tad bit easier for you and provided a few of our favorites below! So go ahead and pick something below, because vacation is the state of mind, always. 


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By: BR

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