Friday, January 28, 2011

Red Hot Valentine

Hey lovers! Do you smell that? Romance is in the air, so get it together and get red hot for Valentine’s Day. This extra special day only comes around once a year, so step it up! Stop kidding yourself when you say your amour is year around; unless you really are that special, that you get showered with chocolates, flowers, gifts and candles lit dinners daily. Take advantage of this day and let you other half romance you, don’t forget to spoil yourself so you can look great for your special-one. Not on cloud-nine? It’s okay, get doll-up and celebrate with a few close pals. Let's drops some hints and cross our fingers in hopes of a delivery of UrbanOG shoes showing up instead of a stuff sweetheart teddy bear. Place your order early to expect on-time delivery. Happy loving!

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