Monday, October 31, 2011

America’s Next Top Model Perfume

Just can’t get enough of all the fashion, drama, tears and claws of America’s Next Top Model?  Well now not only can you learn to look and pose like a model, but you can…. Uhh…. Smell like one too!

The show has just announced that they will be launching a fragrance in January of 2012.  The bottled up scent of striving models and ferocious catwalks hits Target then, and you can enjoy the scent titled “Dream Come True.”

It is meant to smell sweet and ethereal the creators say, with top notes of honeydew, white freesias, red currants, middle notes of peony, lilly, and plumb blossoms, and finished off with vanilla, pink sugar and musk.

Prices will range from $12-21.99

Will you be smelling like a model in January?

Posted by:  Spankie Valentine

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