Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tyra Banks Modelland is New York Times Best Seller!

As if Miss Tyra Banks’ career wasn’t impressive enough, supermodel, actress, TV host and producer, she can now add New York Times bestselling author to her long list of accomplishments. 

Miss Tyra, creator and judge of America’s Next Top Model, debuted her novel “Modelland” recently which not only topped the Barnes and Nobel charts this week, but landed #2 in the New York Times Children’s Chapter Books chart.

The book is far more whimsical and almost majestic then people might initially think.  With character and country names like 'Digeridoo' and 'Cappucina' for countries, and 'Bestosterone' for a male model academy, and the protagonist ‘Tookie De La Crème’
it is definitely a youth read.  But many boast of it social commentary and life lessons. 

Either way, it is part of a coming trilogy, and all signs point to full steam ahead for its success.  Bravo Tyra!

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