Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas

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Ordinarily, right around this day in the year I'd be saying something like, "Oh my!  I can't believe this year is over and it's already going to be a whole new year!!!"  And then I'd take a retrospective of what I've done the past year, wonder how the time went by so fast, and vow to do even more in the coming year.

This year is different.  Very different.  Instead of looking in the past and wondering where the time went, I've never looked more into the future and been more welcoming of the new year!  This past year had it's challenges and blessings, but I am so ready for 2014, which I know will be beyond my wildest dreams amazing!  And hopefully, you feel that way too.

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That brings me to the next important point... what to wear!  Ushering in a new year might be no biggie for some, and all biggie for others.... but one thing is sure, adding some glitz, glam, and bling to your NYE outfit never hurt anyone!
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You can opt for the all-over sparkle of a mini dress, go for something daring and backless for an unexpected switch-up, or mix your sparkle with something equally dramatic like this larger-than-life red whispy maxi skirt.

And if you're just not that into the whole glitter/sequin look, I recommend the never fail shift dress.  You'll see a lot of black dresses, and silver, so how about something fire engine red to really stand out and make your presence, and future, known!

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What will you be wearing for New Year's Eve?  Instagram me pics of your outfits @SpankieValentine

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