Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter Holiday Nail Art Ideas!

I seriously can't believe that the holidays are just around the corner, and we are quickly approaching a new year! I mean, how quickly do the years really seem to fly by now?

And while we're getting ourselves dressed up for all of the holiday parties that are on the horizon, I figure, we might as well dress ourselves from lips to tips.  And what more fun way to achieve such a festive and all around the look, then with holiday nail art?! Nail art is where you can really bring out your personality, show your colorful side, and even get a little bit more daring in your total look.

Honestly, all you need are a couple colors of polish, some glitter polish, and either a toothpick or a nail art brush. While some of the designs get very intricate, which you may want to leave to your professionals, others can be achieved through simple tools that you find around the home.

My best advice if you want to achieve very intricate designs, is to look for glitter polishes that have specs of glitter in the shapes that you like. For example, there are plenty of glitter polish is available that already have star shaped glitters in the bottle.  Look for deep hues like ruby red, Huntergreen, glittery gold, and of course, snowy whites.

So take a look at some nail art photos for inspiration, and have fun! It's all about showcasing your personality in the most unexpected and festive of ways.

So which are your favorite nail art looks?

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(photos: credits posted on each photo, Instagram)

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