Monday, March 31, 2014

Celebrity Spring Fashion Trend: Overalls

(photo: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.)

It's the fashion trend that has been gaining popularity, seemingly over the last six months. Currently everywhere, we're starting to see more and more celebrities appearing in overalls.

No while this may be a bold fashion don't for some, many celebrities and fashionistas are exploring the overalls as a major fashion do for the moment.

It's simple really, most often found as a loose fit piece, the overalls basically cover your top to bottom fashion needs. Treat them much like the way you would treat a pair of jeans, paired with a simple either flowing top, or formfitting crop, and your is nearly complete.

(photo: Bruce/Famelynet Pictures)

We like the way Sarah Jessica Parker and Selena Gomez have paired their overalls with heels, gently folding the cuff of the overalls to show the slender ankle, therefore maintaining femininity with this baggier fit look.

If you're in an even more casual mood, then wear your overalls the way Emma Watson and Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio wears theirs, with a pair of chic flat slip ons.  Animal print give a fun flirty look to a casual fit, and sleek leather flats slightly dress-up the casualness of the black overalls on Emma.

(photo: Ramey Photo)

Either way, though, wearing overalls generally is going to be considered a pretty casual look, not necessarily the most transitional ready piece if you're looking for something to go from day tonight.

(photo: Pacificcoastnews)

So what do you think of overalls? Will you give this fashion trend a try? We're not sure how long this trend will stick around, as it seems to be on the briefer side of fashion trends, but you never know. It is after all, pretty comfortable.

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