Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rope Twisted Ponytail Hair Tutorial

I'm in the mood for a fun spring hair tutorial! Ready?!

I like to call this the rope twisted ponytail hairstyle.  I'll show you how to do this hairstyle in six easy steps. If you want to see a video of how I did this hairstyle, I've included that at the end of this tutorial.

Step 1: take your hair and loosely part it down the center and back. The part does not have to be perfect, so don't worry about that.  Gather one of the sections of hair off to the side to keep it out-of-the-way, I'm going to work with the right side to create the twists, but you can work with the left if you like.

Step 2: taking the right side section of my hair, I parted that in half one more time. Then taking the back section of the half, start twisting it upwards towards my face all the way down the length of hair.

Step 3: taking that twisted section of hair I'm going to pull it across the back nape of my neck and bring it over the top of the first parted section of hair that I had off to the side.

Step 4: gathering that loose section of hair into a ponytail, take the twisted rope that you've created, and wrap it around the base of your ponytail, until you run out of rope.

Step 5: with the remainder section of hair that I had on the right side, twisted upwards the way you did the first section, creating another rope. Then take that second row, and bring it along the back of your head, to the left, and begin wrapping it around the ponytail.

Step 6: wrap the entire length of your second rope around the ponytail. Secure in place with an elastic, or bobby pins, and you're finished!

So what do you think of this hairstyle!? Are you excited to try it?! Look below to see the video hair tutorial of this look.

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