Monday, December 15, 2014

Get The Look: Party Gal

Test out this super chic and stunning LA look, perfect for all of your holiday parties and festivities. Try them out yourself, and, don't forget to check our site for daily deals!

While bronzer in the winter sounds like it would be a definite no-no, most of us in L.A. tend to stay sun-kissed year-round. So, we decided to go with it and test out a wintery update to our go-to summer glow.


Take your eyebrow brush and lightly spritz it with your daily hairspray. Then, simply brush them up!


Using a matte bronzer and a bronzer brush or blush brush, lightly brush the gallows of your cheeks, staying close to your hairline.


Using the same matte bronzer, dust your lids with a large eyeshadow brush above the crease.

Use our super lady like blush for your cheeks


Get the lip stain look by using a cotton swap and lightly dabbing the outer edge to soften out the look.


Voila! now go party! Have fun!

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