Monday, December 22, 2014

Must-Have Travel Accessories

There are certain headaches about holiday travel no one can avoid, no matter how light we pack or how early we arrive at our gates. Despite all the best laid plans, we're always humbled to find that hundreds of other stressed-out travelers who had the same thought process we did. And, we're all waiting in that endless line / fighting for that last train seat / listening to that crying baby together. Welcome to the nightmare that is peak-season travel. 

As you stand in line with your fellow traveler, refreshing your Instagram feed for the umpteenth time and subtweeting about everyone around you, these 6 accessories will help boost your morale. 
These tiny enhancements to your itinerary will make your day of travel actually feel like the start to a vacation. Because, it is. 

A bag that can hold all the essentials like magazine and snacks for your travels is essential 
Get excited for your travels with the new accessories you can dress up on your phone because you will undoubtedly be on it the whole time. 

Hide that scratch airplane seat head with a colorful beanie.

You wont miss your flight with this sparkly yet subtle necessity.

Did you know #Selfie is the most used word of 2014 ?

No scarf? no problem! a turtleneck that's surprisingly useful when it comes to those powerful overhead fan on the plane.

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