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2015 Color of the Year: Marsala

PANTONE COLOR OF THE YEAR 2015 - Marsala 18-1438
(photo: Pantone)

Well the color of the year has been announced!  Wait for it..... it's MARSALA!?!

 The color of the year, Marsala, has received mixed reviews.   Some are pretty excited about the deep reddish brown hue, while others are just plain scratching their heads. No need to fret, there are plenty of subtle ways to work in the unexpected color into your wardrobe, homes, and anywhere else you wish.

 Marsala, which is actually a wine, is described by Pantone as being satisfying like a fulfilling warm meal.   It is a color liked and wearable by both men and women, and spans a variety of accessories options like nail varnish, lip stain, and cheek enhancement.  

(photo: Pantone)

(photo: Pantone)

(photo: Pantone)

(photo: Pantone)

It is an earthy shade that is both dramatic, and warming, and meant to provide a level of comfort to those who are not only wearing it, but those who are looking at it.   Both dramatic and grounding, give this shade a try with subtle elements until you can find ways to work it in more exclusively in an item like a dress, or an overcoat.  

Marsala may be a hard shade to find in the most basic fashion Staples, but don't worry, now that you're more familiar with this particular color you'll start seeing it pop up everywhere. And don't be afraid to experiment with new and refreshing color combinations, as working with a hue that you're not typically used to can really bring out your creativity.

What do you think of the Marsala color of the year? How would you wear it in your wardrobe?

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