Thursday, January 12, 2017

Creeping In Style

The latest trend of the moment that's taking over the fashion world is the creeper sneaker. If you call yourself a sneaker-head than you will probably be familiar with Rihanna’s chic creeper sneakers designed by Puma; we give her most credit for bringing the trend back. 

The creepers are shoes with a very thick crepe sole that is often combined with suede uppers. This style of footwear actually dates back to World War II and now you can see them featured on the fashion runway. Creepers are actually very versatile so if you are worried they are going to make you look too punk or grunge, have no fear because they can often be paired with a very feminine dress or skinny jeans. With certain looks, these shoes make a fashion-forward statement. For those who fully want to embrace the look, we highly suggest that you pair them with distress pants and finish off with a black leather jacket.

And if you ever wanted to be taller, well here is your chance! Similar to flatforms, Creepers are distinguished because of their chunky lug soles. They are blowing up the fashion scene, celebrities such as The Weeknd and Rihanna have been seen on the streets rocking these heavy ultra-high shoes. Thank us for keeping you looking fresh with the latest styles, we carry creeper sneakers shoes in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles!

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