Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Denim Era

Throughout the fashion seasons we have seen some trends that we love and some trends that we are glad to see go. One of the trends that we can’t let go of, are our denim jackets! For this reason, we are thankful for the fashion designers that have taken our classic denim jackets and styled them with the latest trends. We have seen denim jackets with patches, distress, and faux fur. Denim jackets seem to go hand-in-hand with every season too. We love wearing our winter denim trench coats and we love our light denim jackets for the spring! 

You can spot the hottest denim jackets on our site by either looking through our denim trend or our seasonal trend section – and of course or jacket selection! You can find what you are looking for on our site – and more, at an affordable prices! Checkout a few of our favorite denim jackets below! Be sure to show off yours by posting a picture of yourself and tagging #LoveUOG !

By: BR

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