Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Trendy Affordable Flat Slide Sandals

Hey cuties. How is day 5001 of quarantine working out for you? While many of us are safe at home chilling out in loungewear shooting Instagram pics (#comfychic) or have embraced the Tik Tok trend-making videos. We all want to stay cute right? We all want to be comfortable while doing it, yes? Here at UrbanOG we provide trendy footwear including fierce af trendy sandals that are affordable, comfortable, and most of all CUTE! Who cares if you are stuck at home and the only time to go out is for essentials (groceries and necessities). You might as well do it in style! Comfort wear is imperative at this point and easy to slip slides with your matching sweats and crop top are all you need to complete your look. Check out some of our favorites below and click the link to directly view more pictures. You got a cute comfy look to show off with one of our sandals? Make sure to tag us at #LoveUOG and we might just post you on our Instagram page. Stay safe! Stay comfortable! 

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