Thursday, November 18, 2010

Casual-Chic Thanksgiving

The wonderful Thanksgiving holiday brings friends and family together, is about a week away. This great gathering also brings all of the hustle and bustle with prepping your home, creating entertainment for your guest/s and last but not least the Thanksgiving meal. Between all of this madness, how do you put yourself together? What to wear? Commonly this holiday can be quite casual for most of us, with kids running around and uncles on the couch watching the turkey bowl, formal wear is totally out of the question. Now we don’t want to look too casual knowing we will be running into friends and family we have not seen in a while so lets try this casual-chic look Alexa Chun pulls off. She pairs a white collar shirt tucked into sleek black shorts, platform peep toe heels and finishes her look with a statement necklace. This easy look will give you extra time to take a breathe and give thanks for what you have in life.

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