Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How to Wear Harem Pants

The unique design of harem pants is very much Bollywood inspired with a cross between a skirt and skinny jean. Harem pants are made fitted from the knees down and baggy from the knee up. Here is how you can wear harem pants and look fabulous. The rule of thumb for harem pants are simple, keep things light and simple! Simplicity is key, don’t try to do too much and play with color but don’t play with patterns when styling this trend. Avoid the lower crotch harem pants because it can make you look bulky instead of sleek and always wear platforms or heel when styling harem pants! Check out UrbanOG collection, simply by typing the following into the keyword search box; "Rock It Harem Pants", "You Can Touch This Pants", "Genie Harem Pants", "Pleated Capri Pant" and "High Waist Denim".

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