Thursday, November 4, 2010

Red Lips

Red lips are perfect for fall and will give you that fun flirty look for the upcoming holidays. Applying red to your lips is something little you can do to give yourself a dramatic look that will sure to brighten up your face and give you lots of complements. Don’t know where to start? Well, first we have to figure out our personal under tones, looking at your wrist, if your veins appears blue your tone is consider “Cool”. With cool undertones chose blue based reds. If your veins are green this means your tones are “Warm” and orangey-brown reds works best on warm skin. Red glossy lips will give off a youthful look, with its high shine it will help make smaller lips look fuller. Try red stains for your lips, this is a low maintenance way to wear reds, this look will give you natural fresh look. Also, use a lip liner to keep the color from bleeding and to help balance uneven lips. Keep your look classic, go easy on your eyes and blush to balance out your lips. Hopefully these tips can help you achieve your red lips, to get you into the mood of fall.

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