Thursday, May 3, 2012

Krysten Ritter’s Earrings for Charity: Day to Night Accessory

Fresh on the run of her witty new show “Life Happens,” star Krysten Ritter teamed up with co-star Kate Bosworth and JewelMint to highlight pair of earrings for the Celebrity Guest Curator Series. 

What was their pick?  Geometric enamel and gold-plated Bermuda earrings!  These earrings are not only a statement piece, but work well to transition a look from day to night, as they are subtle and classic enough to add a bit of edge to a daytime look, and can become more dramatic when paired with, say, a little black dress for the evening.

Half of the proceeds from their choice will go to Krystens’ charity of choice, Autism Speaks. 

What do you think of the earrings?  At $30, they’re well worth supporting the cause.

Posted by:  Spankie V.

(photos:  jewelmint)

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