Monday, May 21, 2012

Mark Zuckerberg Get’s Married!

Yes!  This was as much a shock to me as it probably is to you!  Mark Zuckerberg, creative genius and 28-year old billionaire behind Facebook just married his long time sweetheart Priscilla Chan!  They met 9 years ago while waiting in line for the bathroom at a college frat party!  Where’s a big “Like” button when you really need one?

The gorgeous bride wore a dress by Claire Pettibone that sells for an estimated $4,700 (pretty modest price compared to some of my non billionaire friends budgets for their dresses!).  The laser cut floral gown has a sheer back, illusion neckline, and is embroidered with matte sequins and jewels.

The wedding was very private, held in Mark’s backyard.  Actually, it was a surprise, even to their guests, who thought they were attending a graduation party for Priscilla.  Pretty darn romantic if you ask me.

Let’s wish the happy couple a long and lovely marriage!

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