Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Summer Nails! Essie’s 6 New Nail Polish Colors

Bikini season is nearly here!!!  And while some of us may cringe at that thought, we don’t have to when it comes to our nails, as most of the big names in lacquer are rolling out their Summer shades! 

And Essie is bringing out 6 fabulous and bold new colors that we think will bring the bikini to our nails.  I’m most excited about experimenting with color combos and nail art designs that will bring a fresh new fun to the fingertips. 

Take a look at the new colors, and their fun names.  What do you think?

This lovely orange hue is the color of the season!  Cutely named Fear or Desire

The sexy title says it all - Off the Shoulder

Cascade Cool - a lovely pastel pink that packs a punch

Bikini so Teeny - a gorgeous periwinkle hue with a hint of shimmer

All Tied Up - a sassy hue with a sassy name

Mojito Madness.  Who couldn't use a Mojito in the summer?

Posted by:  Spankie V.

(photos:  Essie)

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