Friday, June 15, 2012

The Best Dressed Dads on TV!

It’s a couple days early, but we wanted to go ahead and wish all the wonderful dads out there a Happy Father’s Day! 

With father festivities coming to full swing on Sunday, we thought, what more fashionable way to celebrate dads, both tough and sweet alike, with some of our favorite dads on the small screen and their awesome (and sometimes hilarious) fashion!

From The Cosby Show, to Modern Family and Glee, we've got those stylish dads in the spotlight!

So step aside for a minute, lady starlets, and let the dad’s fashion do the talking!

Glee:  Hiram and LeRory Barry - who wouldn't want to vibrant hued dads?

Friends:  Ross Gellar - sometimes I forget that Ross is a dad on the show, but who could resist squeezing on a guy in cable knit sweaters?

Modern Family:  Cameron Tucker knows how to rock a colorful patterned top!  All eyes on this dad!

Entourage:  Ari Gold - a tribute to the on-the-go working dad, forever in a suit and tie.

Full House:  Uncle Jesse - the ever sexy, slightly bad-boy father figure who knew how to rock a leather jacket!

And of course, Bill Cosby of The Cosby Show!  What's not to love about a bold pattern-sweater wearing, adorable man who knows how to tell a joke?

Posted by:  Spankie V


Christine Wallace said...

What!!!! How could you mess up John Stamos' character's name on Full House!?!?! It's not Uncle Joey! It's Uncle Jesse!!!! Geez, duhhh! :) said...

Haha oops!