Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Betty Boop and Daria Werbowy for Lancome

This is one of those delightful little fashion surprises that you just can’t help but find adorable.  Just like we love (LOVE!) Betty White, we also love Betty Boop, and she’s making a gorgeous on-screen appearance alongside supermodel Daria Werbowy for a new Lancome ad campaign!

Now we all know that many many companies hire celebrities and models, but the combination of both an animated celebrity and a real life model is something that is far less done due to it’s instant challenges.  That’s why this campaign is being shot by nne other than comic book artist, and filmmaker Joann Sfar. 

Both Betty Boop and Daria will be dressed in 1930s inspired fashion, including an absolutely stunning black sparkly gown and luscious lashes.

See a sneak peak behind the scenes of the shoot before the ad releases on July 2nd!

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