Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Angelina Jolie! Her Best Fashion Looks!

The soon to be Mrs. Brad Pitt is celebrating her birthday today!  She’s turning 37, and she doesn’t look a day over gorgeous! 

Many of us have been able to watch her style evolve over the past few years, and while Angelina’s talents as an actress are tremendous, her style has truly turned her into a fashion icon… I mean, who could forget “The Leg!”

So to celebrate another year of looking fabulous, we’ve picked out some of our favorite Angie looks.  And while looking at them, we also noticed a certain love affair with a core group of designers... but who can blame her!  Being on a first name basis with Versace, Kors, and Ferragamo ain't bad company!

So let’s all join in a rousing cheer, “Happy Birthday Angelina!”

Posted by:  Spankie V.

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Me, My f a s h i o n and I said...

She's really amazing, she looks stunning!