Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Sexiest Men!

While we typically follow all things fashion on this blog, I thought, since the last post was on some of our favorite and best dresses of 2012, why not do a quick tribute to the ultimate fashion accessory:  the sexiest men of 2012?!

After all, what good is a gorgeous red carpet gown without the chiseled arm of a Hollywood hunk waiting for you at the end of the carpet?  So here are some yummy pics of some of our favorite Hollywood boys from 2012, from stripping delights like Channing Tatum, to real life Gossip Girl hero Ryan Reynolds, to shirtless vampires like Joe Manganiello!

And while some of us may daydream about having our new year filled with some eye candy like these guys, we hope, most of all, that your new year is filled with love, peace, happiness, fashion, and... well... hot times!

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