Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kate Bosworth Sings for Topshop!

It was being built as a mystery for several days... The #whoisthatgirl mystery that Topshop pulled us into as they leaked teasers on their YouTube page.

Now the wait and the teasing is over (whew)!  That mystery lady starring in the brand's first ever Christmas film is none other than Kate Bosworth!  Now we should have guessed as much, being that her talented beau Michael Polish is the director.

The short film is inspired by the famous scene in "The Fabulous Baker Boys" where Michelle Pffeifer crooned by a piano.  And the fashion?  Well they're available as a very exclusive, made-to-order item on topshop.com of course!

Oh, and did we mention the song is available to download on itunes?  Someone has been busy this holiday season!

What do you think?

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