Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jimmy Choo New Perfume Flash

Jimmy Choo has done it again!  And though we've already finished our holiday shopping (well.... some of us ;) we're already looking forward a few months to when we can get our hands around this awesome new bottle of fragrant delights!

This is Choo's second perfume called Flash.  It has a modern twist on the floral scent with notes of pink pepper, white lily, and tuberose, all packaged in a bottle design inspired by a 1970s chandelier.  Love it!

In a few words, Jimmy Choo wants "women to feel as excited as the do when they buy a pair of shoes, or a handbag.... we see fragrance as another accessory."  Well what do you think?  Will you be snapping up the scent, perhaps along with another pair of Choo shoes?

Posted by:  Spankie

(photo: Jimmy Choo)

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