Monday, March 25, 2013

Beyonce's $5,500 Custom Sneaker Wedges

Beyonce is no stranger to flashy, go-big-or-go-home statement fashion.  So why would sneaker wedges be any exception to the singer's upscale world?

Calling themselves the "Maybach" of the couture sneaker world, PMK Customs (Perfectly Made Kicks) was the go to source when Bey and hubby Jay-Z wanted their own kicks customized.  For J, founder Andre Scott crafted a red Nike swooshed "Brooklyn Zoo" pair of Jordans out of a hybrid of luxury reptile skins valued at $2,500.

Not to be outdone by J's kicks, Beyonce had a fresh spin put on her Isabel Marant wedges, creating what is named the "King Bey" show, which is a mix of ostrich, crocodile, and anaconda skins, stitched together with nothing less but gold thread.  The total cost, oh, about $5,500... no biggie.

The designer stated that they had no edits to make to the specialized pieces, as Beyonce's attention to detail was very thorough.

So what do you think?  Do you like the wedges?  Needless to say, PETA has had a field day protesting the use of the skins for shoes... What are your thoughts?  Let us know!

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Lucia said...

So vain Beyonce, they provably have very emptiness life

Lucia said...

So vain this people, I feel sorry for them, emptiness life.