Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Christian Louboutin Paints the Town Red

Christian Louboutin is painting the streets of New York, all the way to Pairs, red.  Well, not just any red.... Louboutin red to be exact!

There aren't really other heels that have a supremely recognizable signature the way a pair of red bottoms do.  Women and fashion forward men's eyes flock down to the ground when they spot a glimpse of the hue, and Home Depot's everywhere get a continual flux of those who desire the signature mark, but can't afford the couture price, asking for a can of "Louboutin Red!"

I just caught this video on YouTube by accident, but thought it was adorable!  I shows the very squeezable CL in a small shoe shop, with a line of fashionable women stretching down the road.  They wait eagerly as he hand paints, one by one, a pair of the ever-famous nude pumps.  

Once put on, they leave cute little red footprints everywhere the woman travels.  All down the streets of New York, and across Pairs, into Saks Fifth Avenue, announcing the arrival of Christian Loubuotin to their stores.  

It gave me a smile this morning and hope it does you too!

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