Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Jonathan Adler's Fabulous Paperless Post Stationary

We all know that fashion comes in many fabulous forms.  From what we wear, to the colors on our nails, to our home decor and even what we eat (gourmet sushi lunch anyone?).  So it's no surprise that we'd be seeing fashionable extras pop up in ways we may not have even thought about.

Cue: the world of invites and announcements!  We all love getting an invitation to some fun party, and since we live on the internet world rather than the physical mail world (at least most of us) designer invites have taken the hint.... 

Jonathan Adler, a promenant home designer, just made sending out an invite more colorful and fun.  He  teamed up with Paperless Post to create 50 different styles of invites and announcement cards that you can send to your friends online.  Well, you can also order them to be printed, or both, so fear not if you'd rather have a physical version of them.

They're 25 cents per invite, and ready to be customized online...

We thought they were adorable.  What do you think?  

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