Monday, June 24, 2013

Manicures to Match Your Makeup Bags?!

I'm not typically a fan of matchy-matchy fashion trends, though I do have some fun exceptions... and this might be the new exception to add to the list.

Many of us have coordinated our nails to our outfits, our cell phone cases, and our tosies to our peep toes and sandals, but now, the new shift is headed towards our bags!  Makeup bags to be more specific.

And NCLA and Shopbop has this trend, well, nailed!  NCLA, leaders in those fun printed nail wraps, have teamed with Shopbop to bring some adorable makeup cases that come paired with 88 nail wraps that match the bag!  Who would have thought.... 

The bags also come with 2 nail files, clear top coat, and a choice between 2 makeup bags.  Swap out your evening clutch with the bag and you've stretched the usage even farther.

What do you think?  Unfortunately the nail wraps won't last as long as the bag, but hey... all in good fashion fun right?!

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