Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cats + Fashion = National Cat Day!

(photo: Chictopia User - DIENI)

Well wouldn't you know!  It's officially National Cat Day!  Yup, we're not kidding fashion kitties!  Every year on October 29th, here in the US we celebrate National Cat Day!  It's a day to celebrate our feline friends, and hopefully spark some adoptions for the thousands and thousands of pets in need of good, loving homes!

So I thought, what better way to celebration NCD than with a furry friend inspired fashion post, with some seriously adorable cat inspired fashion featuring some fabulous gals on Chictopia!  From the amusingly subtle (check out the above-the-knee cat face socks), to the full out cat face and leopard print combo, we've got all your whisker loving fashion prints needs covered!

And yes... my kitty Michael Douglas is sitting on my lap as I write this!  Enjoy!

(photo: Chictopia User - WICKEDYING)                                                  (photo: Chictopia User - BRIARROSE)

(photo: Chictopia User - MOCHACCINOLAND)                                                  (photo: Chictopia User - ESTERDUARES)

(photo: Chictopia User - AFASHIONNERD)                                                  (photo: Chictopia User - STELLAPNP)

(photo: Chictopia User - BREAKFASTPIXIE)                                                  (photo: Chictopia User - ESRA)

(photo: Chictopia User - MOCHACCINOLAND)                                                  (photo: Chictopia User - OHMYLITTLEGIRL)

(photo: Chictopia User - FAUXFAWN)                                                  (photo: Chictopia User - LANTON)

(photo: Chictopia User - THEWORLDLOOKSRED)

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