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How to Wear It: Plaid

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Plaid.  It's a word that's almost synonymous with Fall when it comes to fashion statements.  Maybe it's the often used burgundy and dark hues, the textural patterns that mimic the fallen leaves, or the fact that it's most often seen in the laid back long sleeve button down, perfect for the transitional season.

Either way you look at it, plaid has been a fall fashion staple since the staple, and it's not going anywhere anytime soon.  So how do you wear it?  

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Plaid items come in several forms, but most classically in the form of a long sleeve.  But don't let that stop you from grabbing up a plaid skirt, a throwback influence from our Scottish friends.  If you want to maintain a classic and professional look while wearing this pattern, try it with a simple solid blouse, like the black one above.  Near knee length hemlines keep it from looking like a school girl outfit, and a high waisted silhouette updates it.  

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Plaid also partners well with an A line jacket silhouette, that's not only perfect for fall weather, but a great cut for any body type.  The uniform pattern will keep from visually adding bulk to your frame, while giving the eye some interest.  Pair neutrals with deep gem tones like ruby and turquoise for the most pop.

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And don't shy away from wearing plaid in more edgy, unconventional ways.  Plaid around the waist has been a symbol of grunge rebellion for a long time, and will likely remain a timeless statement.  While you often see this over a pair of jeans, experiment with a skirt, a dress, or a pair of leather shorts. Topping it off with a simple white T and leather jacket keep the look of-the-moment and effortless.

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Lastly, color is your friend!  Just because you often see plaid in red hues and grays doesn't mean you are limited to that.  Try out a pattern with blue, pastel, or green.  Wearing plaid in an unexpected color keeps your style updated and on point.  Pair a cool blue with a cobalt jacket (the season's hottest color), and pair with some solid accessories and tights for a chic day or night look.

So what do you think?  What's your favorite way to wear plaid?  Tweet us your looks and #urbanog #spankievalentine for us to see and repost!

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