Thursday, October 3, 2013

Marc Jacob's Leaves Louis Vuitton During Paris Fashion Week

(photo: Vogue - Indigital)

I can hardly believe it, but the time has come.  Marc Jacobs has officially left his role at Louis Vuitton, going out with a glorious bang at his final show for the brand during Paris Fashion Week.  Hard to believe, but Marc Jacobs had been with Louis Vuitton for 16 years, leaving to dedicate himself to his own label.

(photo: Vogue - Indigital)

And though the end has arrived for his time of design at the esteemed fashion house, he didn't fade quietly into the night... he left us with a dark and whimsically wondrous final show.  Some may have felt like the show was arranged like a funeral, with classical music, all black and navy garments, a black fountain and navy and black sheepskin catwalk.

(photo: Vogue - Indigital)

But it was very fitting for a very Jacobs led Vuitton show.  So rather than mourn the retirement of MJ, we're celebrating with some images from his final LV show, as we're pretty sure we'll be seeing plenty of him in the years ahead.

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