Friday, February 21, 2014

DIY Colorful Headphones!

Who's ready for a fun DIY project?! (Video Tutorial at the end)

So I saw some super cute colorful headphones in a store the other day, and thought to myself, "that would be so cute to DIY!"  And lucky for us all, not only are they super cute, but they're easy and cheap to make!

All you're gonna need is a pair of headphones you already have, some colorful thread floss (I got mine at Michael's for less than a dollar per color, and some glue (I found a liquid Elmer's glue stick at the 99 Cent store).

I found two simple methods to wrap your thread around your headphones:  one involves actually spiraling the thread around the cable, the other involves rotating the cable around the thread. Both are simple methods and I'll show you each.

Method one: start off by placing some glue at the base of your headphone cable near where the actual ear bud is.  Taking the end of your thread pressing firmly onto the gloom section.

 Then you want to run a short strip of glue down the cable about an inch long, and begin wrapping the thread around the cable.  You're going to continue this process down the length of the cable, making sure to apply your strips of glue in short sections, so that the glue doesn't have a chance to dry before you've been able to wrap your thread around the cable.

For the second method, which may wind up being a little easier for you depending on your preference, you're going to do the same thing with your glue, placing short segments of glue on the cable, and you're actually going to hold your thread, and wind the cable up the thread. Basically what you're doing, is you're wrapping the cable onto the thread, versus spiraling the thread around the cable.

I found this pretty easy to do by holding each end of the cable in my hands, and holding the end of the thread with my first and second finger of my right hand, while rotating the cable with my other fingers.

For either method that you choose, if you want to switch out the colors in segments, simply trim off the thread that you were wrapping, and start by gluing down a new color. Just make sure that the ends are firmly glued. It's best if you're using a glue that dries clear that way you can cover over the ends of your thread without worrying about the glue showing through.

And you should wind up with something looking like this!  One of the great added benefits of wrapping thread over my headphone cables, is that the stiffness of the thread actually keeps my headphones from tangling. Can we say added bonus?!

And there you have it! Pretty simple to do huh? It's a lot of fun, and you can personalize it to make it all your own simply by choosing the colors that you love. This also makes a really cute and fun gift! If you want a video tutorial to see how to create this, you're in luck! I've posted my video tutorial below.

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