Friday, February 14, 2014

Last Minute DIY Valentine's Candy Bouquets for Him and Her!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  Whether you're actually celebrating today with a date, friends, family, or just yourself, it's a great day for a smile and to tell someone you love them!

Now, let's get to why you're really here!  If you're anything like me, you may have left some (or all!) of your Valentine's Day gift planning up to the last minute!  Maybe you don't know what to give your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/baby-mamma/boo thang and are currently fretting and ready to make a mad dash to the grocery store to get some predictable roses?!

Fear not!  I've got a couple unique, and best of all, yummy DIY gift bouquets that you can create in a matter of minutes!  There's one for him, and one for her!  And with a quick hop down to the 99Cent Store or your local market, these will only cost you about $5 - $8 each!  Yassss!

LET'S DO THIS!  (Additional Instructional Video at the end)

For Him:

I found this adorbs mustache tumbler at the 99Cent Store (they also have ones with lips if doing this for her).  Or just grab a clear vase or mason jar.

Next comes the fun part:  fill it with his/her favorite candy!

Don't forget the candy hearts!  Got all my candies from the dollar store :)

You can top it off with some glitter hearts (also from the dollar store).  Or maybe a little love note rolled up from you?

And voila!  How easy was that?  If you want to give it a pro look, wrap it up in some cellophane for protection and something for them to unwrap!  Again, one roll of cellophane, 99 cents at you know where!


And for her (or any flower loving dude in your life)!

I wanted to create a unique flower bouquet using something other than flowers!  I was walking up and down the 99Cent Store isles when I came across these jumbo gift bows in all sorts of colors, and thought, why not?!

For starters, I just needed to create the stem.  So I found a pack of wood kebob skewers and some green streamer ribbon (pack of 2 for 99cents) and went to work.  Put some glue on the end of the green streamer and press it firmly on the end of the stick.

Then simply wrap the ribbon all the way down the stick, putting a little dab of glue in the center to secure.

Next comes the cool part.  The giant bows already have a sticky backing just waiting to be used!  Simply peel off the backing, press the stick on the adhesive, and press closed the other half of the sticky.

If you want to add some leaves to the bouquet, and just ties some of that curling ribbon around the base of the stick underneath the adhesive, and curl with scissors.

Next, I took a mason jar and filled it with her/his favorite candy.

Lastly, fill the jar with the flowers that you created, using as many as you want to, and boom! You have one super cute, creative, and yummy flower bouquet.

So which yummy bouquet are you most excited about creating?  And remember, if you're celebrating Valentine's Day by yourself, there ain't nothing wrong with making one of these for yourself!

Instagram, Tweet, or Facebook me photos of your creation so that I can like them!  Make sure to @ me below and use #SpankieValentine so that I see them!  And check out the video below if you want to see me making these step by step, along with a few other DIY gift ideas!

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XOXO Spankie

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