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Valentine's Day Outfits for Singles or Daters!

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Happy Valentine's Day!  Well... almost!  Whether you're all about celebrating this holiday of love, or think it's a Hallmarkish kinda cheesy day, I like to celebrate it for one main thing: red!

That's right folks!  Red will shine gloriously as the hue of the day, and why not have a little fun and join in the color crash?  Best of all, whether you're traversing this day single and oh-so fabulous, or boo'd up with a date, there are so many ways to wear red, it's silly.

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For those feeling the love, go big or go home!  I love this all red jumper, for example, accented by a gold chain belt and accessories.  Gold has a delicious way of bringing out the rich tones of a fire engine red.  Plays nice with nude too.

(photo: chictopia STILETTOBEATS)

(photo: chictopia TWEE_WU)

Pop of color anyone?  Opt for a bold red statement accessory like a handbag and heels.  Looking for something a little softer?  How about a vibrant red mini skirt with an oversized grandpa sweater?  Squeezably cozy every time.

(photo: chictopia MICAH)

And what about some patterns?  If you're taking an evening stroll somewhere warm and preferably by water (tropics anyone?) then why not super wow your date, or onlookers, by baring some hard earned skin.  Yes, those abs you've been doing in your bedroom all winter have already paid off!  Matching a revealing crop with billowy patterned pants keeps the look sexy, yet elegant.

(photo: chictopia XANDERVINTAGE)

And for the chicest hipsters?  I love these romantic hippie flowered pants topped with a cozy red cardigan.  Pair with a billowy brimmed hat, untucked white button down, and clutch and you're ready for a jaunt both casual and playful.

So what's your Valentine's Day look?  Let me know!  #SpankieValentine your pics!

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