Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers day everyone! Today we salute mothers in every shape and form. Here's to the people in our lives who took us from diapers to drivers licenses

Here are some of our fave style icon moms:

photo credit:Hollywood Branded

On tour, recording albums and overall being flawless, Bey still somehow manages to put motherhood first. She's brought motherhood to the forefront of her public persona and shown that while "having it all" is still a hot topic among women, the most important is "having what you want" and not letting anyone define what that role looks or acts like. 

Aunt Viv
We won't get into whether Aunt Vivian 1 or Aunt Vivian 2 was better... cause.. that in itself is a completely different post. Let's just salute the lady that took in a young Will Smith while wearing the best of 90s fashion. She was a great mom to her own children as well as her nephew. Aunt Viv  really knew how to rock motherhood a power pant suit 

photo credit: Mark J Sebastian

Jessica AlbaSince having her first daughter Honor, Jessica has focused her activism on improving the quality of life of children. She has actively advocated against toxins in children's products and foods and has donated and work with numerous children's charities...all while remaining a style icon.
Marge SimpsonThat blue hair, green dress and string of pearls combo is  iconic. The voice of reason in Simpson household, she's one of the many iconic tv moms that reminds of us of our own. 

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

Angelina JolieIt's basically impossible to have a celebrity Mom post without mentioning this lady.. Mom to six children, Jolie is an outspoken advocate for children all over the world. Another mom who does it all while balancing great style.What famous mom's do you look up to? What do you admire about the mother figures in your life?

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