Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cool stuff to be excited about.. RIGHT NOW!

Summer isn't over, YET and neither is August.. so here are a few things to get excited about and enjoy before September comes! 

  • End of summer beach trips! Fall isn't completely here YET. The weather is still warm and the tourist season at the beach is thinning out making it the perfect time to have a beach day. Why not upgrade your beach bag while you are at it! 
Beach must have! 
  • Make the ultimate S'mores on August 30th aka National Marshmallow Toasting Day. Mmm toasty!

  • Where better to enjoy those toasted S'mores than in a tent! Set up in the backyard and enjoy the stars without having to trek far!
  • Happy Birthday Virgos! You are in good company, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Leah Michelle and Cameron Dallas are just a few of your fellow Virgos!
Virgos are known for being perfectionist. We couldn't think of any more perf shoes than THESE!
    • It's the perfect time to tackle a new hobby or tackle a new skill. So channel your inner Virgo and get on it!

    • OR get your creative juices flowing on “Polyvore.” Create your outfits or use one of ours!

    • It's fair season! Go ahead, hop on a ride, try to win a stuffed animal and eat something deep fried!

    • The VMA’s is back on August 24. Watch to see what crazy celebrity performance will top last year

    • Answers the age old question : Can a girl and guy ever be just friends? Watch ‘What if,’ staring Daniel Radcliff and Zoe Kazan who attempt to answer just that.  In theaters now!

    • Check out KeKe Palmer on the  BET’s new talk show ‘The Keke Palmer Project.’ It's a must see !


    So what did we miss? What are you excited about this month?

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