Monday, August 4, 2014

Manicure Monday: Trends inspired by your mani!

Unsure of what trends to try? Need some insight on your style? Look no further than the tips of your fingers! Here is some style inspiration based on your current/favorite manicure.

If your always painting your nails neutral/natural colors:

You like to keep things simple and classic. Your fave prints are the ones everybody knows- polka dots, stripes and why not, they look good on everyone! A classic is never out of style. Mix it up by trying these prints on unexpected pieces like denim. Or go crazy and mix'em up. Even good girls can have an edge; pick a classic item with twist- like this quilted purse covered in chains!  Gravitate to lace;  it adds interest to any outfit and is just as sweet as you are. Try out these styles! 
(Left to Right: Top, Dress, Jeans, Purse, Boots, Sunglasses, Dresses

If your nails are cool hues or dark shades:

You are completely in touch with your creative side and you aren't afraid to express it through your clothing! You are willing to go for the more daring trends. That's why we think you should embracing these bewitching pieces. Pick unique and mysterious accessories like moon pendants and natural stone necklaces. Heeled booties and fringe details are other ways to unleash your inner artist. Denim is your current fave fabric whether in distressed over sized boyfriends or chambray dresses and shirts. Go ahead, express yourself!  
(Left to Right: Dress, Booties, Necklace, Shirt, Jeans, Shirt, Necklace

If love bright bold colored manicures:

You love the spotlight! You aren't one to shy away so here are our picks for some dramatic fall fashion. Even as summer ends, the brights go on! Steal the spotlight in color-blocked ensembles. Accessorize up with statement necklaces in the boldest and brightest colors. Contrast your brights with futuristic and sporty materials-mesh, neoprene and lucite. Most of all just have fun!  
(Left to right: Jumper, Wedges, Necklace, Necklace, Jacket, Heels, Purse

So what are your thoughts, do you agree with your manicure inspired style forecast? 

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