Thursday, August 14, 2014

How to style on the go!

It seems like we are ALWAYS on the go. Whether commuting to school or work or taking off on a  vacation.  It can be a serious challenge to create outfits that work for not only catching that cab but also look professional behind a desk. Or even more seriously from airplane seat to airport pickup.


When you need to pull together a professional look but you've got to catch the subway.... and then walk to work.. or catch a bus... skirts and dress can be a downer especially in gusty weather. These shorts give us the confidence to move fast without the flash and works great everywhere else. 

Grown Up Rain Gear:


Rain is great for plants but not your fave pair of heels! That's why the must have for every closet is a good pair ofrainboots. We take it a step further with these fashion savvy boots that your gonna want to rock even on a dry day!  Worried about your purse getting splashed? Ditch the DIT plastic bag cover and go with the jelly purse to protect your electronics and spare your fave purse!


Presenting the no duh way to commute when we are on our feet all day! These sneakers not only feel comfortable, they are totally on point with this seasons normcore trend. 


Leggings are amazingly comfortable option on a long journey and are even better when you need to look put together upon arrival. Perfectly paired under a sophisticated knit top, they will make getting through security or sitting in the back seat just a little more comfortable

Stretch Knit Dresses:

Serious comfort ahead! Dresses constructed out of stretch knit material are sooo comfortable and so perfect for when you are on the go. It's hard not to look polished in one of these dresses when you pair them with a statement necklace and heels. Bonus points- they won't wrinkle! 

Here are a couple of "on the go outfits" we styled. Take a look:

This outfit is for the girl on the go to the office! We styled these comfy quilted leggings with a chic houndstooth top. The chic quilted bag will perfectly play up the leggings. Accessorize with a soft scarf and classic pumps. Don't forget a great watch to keep you on time! 

This outfit was inspired by way out west and to be way comfortable for the girl on the go! The stretch knit dress is optimal for catching that bus when paired with a great pair of booties. A cross-body bag will stay on steady on your shoulder. You are never really dressed without a smile and a great accessory like this necklace!

Get going in this totally comfortable work frendly outfit. Don't stress about missing that morning meeting. Layer on this sweater and knit skirt with some slip ons. Throw on your favorite shoulder strap bag and you will be out the door in no time!

Do you have a better way to travel? Share your story or advice.

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