Monday, April 25, 2011

Rompers and Jumpers

This coming season, the newest item we should all have in our closets is the romper, jumper or onesie as some may call it. This cute little one-piece can make any body type look amazing so no need to fear, take advantage of the coming warm season and mix up your selection of outfits in the morning. Here are a couple tidbits on wearing the romper if you feel you’re up for the challenge.

1. Cinch the waist- Romper and jumpers that fit the entire body can end up losing definition to the silhouette at the waist if the waistline isn’t cinched. Therefore, if this applies to your outfit, make sure you grab a belt to show your beautiful figure.

2. Full coverage- Yes, they’re not pants but you do have to take precaution when running around in these babies. Basically, make sure your cute little derriere is covered.

3. Work the legs- Rompers will be your new best friend especially since they have a way of making your legs look like they go on for miles. Keeping this in mind, avoid sandals with thick ankle straps.

Play it up and see what works for you, there are plenty of styles to choose from and you’ll definitely find one that fits your look. You can shop for yours today at Enjoy!

Posted by: Saeko

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Galera da Esbórnia said...

I love it! These jumpers and rompers are fabulous. I prefer to adjust the waist with a beautiful belt! cordially