Wednesday, April 20, 2011

High Buns

Spring is here and that means adding to your selection of hairstyles and looks for the new season. Somewhere between laid-back and ladylike, the high bun is a look that is guaranteed to hit hard this coming season. This style works on long or short hair and is also ideal for tucking away unruly hair. Take a peek at the editors and busy fashionistas walking the streets of NY and you’ll be sure to spot out a handful of them in towering platform heels and high buns sitting atop their heads. The high bun seems to be taking place of the classic ponytail - fast.Why? There’s a certain elevation to the style. A style that says, “I work hard and can look good doing it.” Add the high bun to your list of hairstyles and rock it any day, anywhere for a guaranteed classy and effortless look.

Posted by: Saeko

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