Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wide-Legged Trouser

As much as we all still love our skinny jeans, it’s ok to admit that we are looking for the next big thing. Sorry skinny jeans. The pants influence the silhouette more than any other piece of clothing so it’s kind of a big deal when we want to make a transition. It seems that there is an undercurrent of experimentation among the eager and fashion forward, transitioning from skinny jeans to trousers. The new silhouette seems to be going back to the wide legged pants, harem pants and even bell bottoms. More specifically, the trend that seems to be inevitably marking its territory is pleats. So next time you’re walking around the mall with your girlfriends, be courageous and pick up a pair of cute harem pants, it’ll open up endless options for new outfit looks to your wardrobe and you’ll be among the trendiest.

Posted by: Saeko

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