Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding- there has been a lot of media coverage and talk about this long anticipated event. Are you in the know about what happened this early morning at 4 A.M.? For those of us who aren't early birds, I'm here to fill you in. This is not only the wedding of the century but even the Scottish Government has designated this day as a bank holiday. Let’s break it down and digest this wedding of international significance.


  • The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton will take place today at Westminster Abbey in London, England. Prince Williams official title could become Duke of Cambridge, Duke of Sussex or Duke of Clarence.
  • The wedding will involve senior members of the royal family and according to the Daily Telegraph, Prince William is expected to be offered a dukedom at his marriage, which would make his wife a duchess.
  • There have been 14 royal weddings at Westminster Abbey since 1100, but there were none between 1382 and 1919. This year’s royal wedding will be the first at Westminster Abbey since Juy 23,1986 when Prince Andrew, second son of Queen Elizabeth II, married Miss Sarah Ferguson.
  • The Royal Family and the Middletons will pay for the wedding but the taxpayer will meet the cost of extra security of transport.
  • The couple, both 28, got engaged while on holiday in Kenya in October 2010.
  • Westminster Abbey has hosted weddings of the Queen and Queen Mother and was also the venue for Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997.
  • William and Kate wanted to marry on a Friday in spring and April 29 was chosen because it fell after Easter and Lent and before a busy political programme in May and June (BBC)
  • Prince William proposed to Kate with his mother Diana’s diamond and sapphire engagement ring.
  • Prince William and Kate Middleton have created a charitable gift fund to help celebrate their wedding. The fund will focus on assisting charities which support five causes chosen by the couple. Go to to learn more.

Of course, the entire wedding will be covered from start to finish and all eyes will be on the beautiful bride and groom so get your buddies together, put on your tiaras and pop open the champagne to join the celebration!

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Take note of Kate Middleton's gorgeous McQueen wedding dress-long live McQueen! The Alexander McQueen dress was designed by Sarah Burton and hand designed by the atelier.

Photos courtesy of: AP and Huffington Post

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Looks nice.. I like her wedding dresses. Not really a style that I think would look great on me, but they are to die for.