Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to School Hairstyles – 5 Looks in 5 Minutes

As our last week of freedom comes to a close, bringing with it the start of a new school year, many girls ask me “Spankie! What can I do with my hair??”

Well, dear reader, I’m so glad you asked, coz I’ve put together 5 simple and adorable hairstyles that will take you 5 minutes or less!  So feel free to hit that snooze button a couple more times, coz these hairstyles got your late behind covered!

Look 1:  Romantic
With a center part, section each half of your hair into 2 parts.  Then take the ¼ section of hair and split that into two.  Twist each section until you have a long enough twist to reach the back of your head.  Pin each twist to the back of your head and repeat on the other side. 

Look 2: Updo Bun with a Twist
Create a side part, and with both hands combing through the hair, start to twist all the hair, grabbing new sections as you move down your face to the back of your head (much like a French braid).  Secure with a bobby pin, and tie all hair into a low ponytail.  Take the ponytail and twist around into a bun, securing with a bobby pin.  Add a headband as desired.

Look 3: Boho Chic
With a center part, section the top portion of your hair on one side and clip out of the way.  Take the underneath section that’s level with the center of your forehead, and braid it all the way down.  Take the braid and wrap across your forehead, and pin behind your ear.  Unclip the top portion of hair and lay over the side that the braid originates from.

Look 4:  Flirty Pony
Create a soft side part and pull all hair back into a low ponytail.  Loosen the hair around the bottom crown of your head over the ponytail.  Add a thin headband over the side part, and using a rattail comb, gently fluff out the bangs and crown of your hair creating a pouffy look.  Take  a side section of your ponytail, lightly twist, and wrap around the elastic hair band, and pin in place.

Look 5:  Triple Take Side Braid
Create a side part, and pull all hair over one shoulder.  Section hair into 3rds and clip the top 2/3rds out of the way.  Braid the entire bottom 3rd.  Unclip the rest of your hair and section in half.  You should now have 3 parts including the pre braided part.  Braid all 3 sections together and secure with hair tie.  Add headband or bow as desired.

Want a video tutorial of all these looks?  You’re in luck!


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