Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Look We Love: Long & Sheer

This Spring brings us bright and bold colors, a pop of neon, and pastel pretty colors. Aside from all the color craze, white is just as captivating this season. That's what we love about this look. We're suckers for long pieces that flow perfectly in the wind. There's an angelic and at the same time vintage hippie vibe created by this long, sheer jacket. We the love effects of the jacket and its ability to transform an outfit from simple to chic.

Mixing whites is risky, but here we see it done right without one white clashing with the other white piece. The outfit remains a lot more casual by pairing it with cut off denim shorts and a loose plain white tank top. Since the outfit is interesting enough, we love the minimalistic approach taken on jewelry. The layers of gold necklaces and bangles adds an effortless, subtle touch.

Posted by: Carolyn

Photo: The Haute Pursuit

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