Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Look We Love: Spring Flirt

These days there are too many fashion do's and don'ts to follow. Fashion is suppose to be fun! Sometimes you have to break the rules. Afterall, if it works don't fix it!

We love this Spring outfit from the tortoise shell sunglasses to the chunky shoes. A blend of tortoise shell, snakeskin, and abstract prints can be dangerous, but here, the pale pink shirt balances out the mixture perfectly. Of the many colors we are looking forward to wearing this season, pale pink has most definitely made the list of must-have colors in our closet. The quarter sleeve, high-low top is loose and flowy, and works well with the fitted print shorts. To keep it cool and casual, the addition of chunky brown cork heels is brilliant. The ensemble is girly with a hint of chicnesss, thanks to awesome accessories adding the finishing touch.

Posted by: Carolyn

Photo: Cassie Matthews

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MzMinime said...

where can i find this pale pink blouse?