Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nail Color Craze

The emerging colorblock trend has brought much attention to bright and bold colors. Clothes, shoes, and accessories have been splashed in seagreen, fuschia, tangerine, and of course in combinations. To turn it up a notch real easy, consider the beauty of nail polish. Here are our 5 favorite colors for this Spring/Summer!

Malaysian Mist by OPI is a color easily overlooked because of its simplicity. However, that's exactly why we love it! It's simple yet natural and delicate. The light, barely pink-creamish color creates a feminine, soft look. Malaysian Mist paired with a red-orange ensemble is picture perfect.

Now let's get funky with Gargantuan Green Grape by OPI. You may think it's a little too much, but again this Spring is attracting a sea of bright colors. Experiment with this eye-catching lime green and see for yourself its wonders when paired with a pink top.

Every girl needs some glitter in their life. Save Me by OPI does just the trick in adding some glitter, sparkle, and shine to your nails. Save Me accomplishes the fun look that makes wearing a fuschia dress oh so dreamy.

OPI on Collins Ave. by OPI delivers a bold, daring statement. While this red-orange seems ideal for all seasons, it is especially a favorite during these warmer days. Its vibrancy is irresistible with a turquoise ensemble.

Fly by OPI is insanely gorgeous. The aqua blue is a must-have while tanning at the beach! Its a powerful color that works with many skin tones. We love colors that complement so a fabulous orange top is color popping done just right.

Posted by: Carolyn

Photo: OPI

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